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Assessment Resources

Assessment Resources

Sources of Additional Guidance

The information provided in this guide is one source agencies may consult in developing effective assessment strategies. Agencies are also encouraged to consult the resources described below for additional information and guidance on assessment.

  • Testing and Assessment: An Employer's Guide to Good Practices. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) developed this document to assist managers and human resource professionals in making assessment-related decisions. This resource is available at or in hard copy from the Government Printing Office (GPO Order Desk 202/512-1800, Stock Number 029-014-00259-3).
  • Delegated Examining Operations Handbook: A Guide for Federal Agency Examining Offices. OPM's Delegated Examining Operations Handbook is a comprehensive document by which OPM delegates competitive examining authority to agencies under the provisions of 5 U.S.C. 1104, as amended by Public Law 104-52 of 1995. Chapter 2, in particular, provides further guidance on assessment methods. This Handbook is located at
  • Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (29 CFR Part 1607) . The Guidelines provide a set of principles for determining proper test use and selection procedures, covering topics such as test fairness and adverse impact. You can find the Guidelines (and other Government documents related to the Guidelines) at
  • Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. The Standards provide information on test development, use, and evaluation in employment and other assessment settings. More information can be found on the American Psychological Association's website at
  • Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures. The Principles discuss validation research and personnel selection, specifying principles of good practice in the choice, development, evaluation, and use of personnel selection procedures. This resource is available at

Getting Expert Help

The issues to consider when selecting or developing an assessment strategy or specific assessment tool are complex. Measurement specialists can assist in selecting or developing valid, fair, and effective assessment strategies to meet specific hiring needs. Many vendors offer professionally-developed assessments. Each agency is responsible for ensuring assessments meet applicable regulatory and statutory requirements. Agencies should ensure they develop and maintain the necessary documentation to support their selection processes.



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