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Geographic Boundaries of Local CFC Campaigns

The Office of Personnel Management establishes and maintains the official list of local campaigns and the geographical area each covers. There is no prerequisite regarding the Federal employee population needed to establish or maintain a CFC. However, rather than establishing or maintaining small campaigns, the Office of Personnel Management encourages mergers and expansions of campaigns to promote efficiency and economy.

A Federal employee whose work site is outside the geographic boundaries of an established CFC may not be solicited in that CFC. A Federal employee may participate in a particular CFC only if that employee's work site is located within the geographic boundaries of that CFC.

Select a state from the list below to view a map of the geographic boundaries of CFC Campaigns in that state.

Washington Oregon California Navada Arizona Utah Wyoming Idaho Montana Colorado North Dakota South Dakota Kansas Oklahoma Texas Florida Georgia South Carolina Alabama Tennessee Kentucky Virginia Mississippi Louisiana Puerto Rico Hawaii Alaska Nebraska Arkansas Illinois Indiana Ohio West Virginia Iowa Wisconsin Michigan Minnesota North Carolina New York New Jersey Vermont New Hampshire Rhode Island Connecticut Massachusetts Maine Delaware Maryland Pennsylvania Missouri New Mexico Washington DC

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