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The U.S. Office of Personnel Management offers the Federal Competency Assessment Tools (both Management and Human Resources) through September 30, 2011. Agencies should complete all assessment activities and print/download all necessary reports and raw data by November 18, 2011.



WELCOME TO THE FEDERAL COMPETENCY ASSESSMENT TOOL - HUMAN RESOURCES (FCAT-HR), a tool created to provide a competency analysis of the skill level of an agency's HR specialist workforce. The tool assesses the proficiency levels of agency HR specialists using the Chief Human Capital Officers Council (CHCO) Human Resource Management (HRM) Competency Model. This model focuses on the initial set of competencies HR specialists need to meet the human resource and business challenges of your agency. The results of your assessment will help your agency develop strategies for addressing skills gaps and provide targeted development for you to progress in your career.

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FCAT Launch Announcement
Please click the link below for the memo from OPM announcing the FCAT. Announcement Memo

Human Resources Management Competency Assessment
Please Click the link below to access a memo from OPM announcing the assessment using the FCAT-HR. Link

CHCO Council HRM Competency Model
Please Click the link below to access the CHCO Council HRM Competency Model. Link


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