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Performance Management

Performance Management Clearinghouse


Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

Type of Program, Process, or Practice

Performance management, general

Name of Organization

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Office of Research, Development and Technology (RD&T)

Name of Program, Process, Or Practice

RD&T Performance Management Framework

Reason for Implementation

FHWA RD&T sought to develop a framework that would help managers evaluate the measures and assessment processes that were already in place, and which would help them to identify gaps in measurement and assessment across organizational functions.


RD&T has made considerable progress over the past year in areas directly related to the OMB recommendations for performance measurement of Government research programs. For instance, RD&T analysis of its organization under the business results criteria led to improvements in its lab assessment process, which will incorporate expert peer review to improve the quality, relevance, and performance of Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center laboratories. In addition, retrospective benefit studies of RD&T research will be used to identify key measures and data that will help FHWA track the contribution of research to agency goals and outcomes (its "business results").


The performance management framework is a performance management process tool. It is based on the agency's Corporate Management Strategies (the Malcolm Baldrige criteria). This approach helps RD&T to systematically analyze and integrate, from a corporate perspective, the information that is routinely available to office managers across the organization and across functional areas. The information that feeds into this framework is derived from several data sources and evaluation mechanisms.

(You can view their Performance Management Framework at FHWA PM Framework.)

Evaluation Conducted

The RD&T performance management framework has been successfully implemented in the Office of Research, Development and Technology. Within the broader transportation performance measurement community, the framework has received favorable mention in the Transportation Research Boards' "Special Report 261," as well as in the National Cooperative Highway Research Program's synthesis Report #300, "Performance Measures for Research, Development, and Technology Programs."

Lessons Learned

Use of the performance management framework provides a holistic perspective of measurement and assessment activities. It also compliments other agency and governmentwide management initiatives.

Contact Name

Joe Parks

Employees Covered

The RD&T organization has over 300 personnel consisting of Federal and on-site contract researchers and students who are engaged in or support transportation research at the center.

100 Federal employees employees

Type of Work

Research and support services

Year Implemented


Additional Comments

The Federal Highway Administrations Office of Research, Development, and Technology is located at the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center, a federally-owned and operated research facility in McLean, Virginia. The facility has 24 indoor and outdoor laboratories and support facilities.

For further information contact Joe Parks or Donna McEnrue at 202-493-3166.