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Performance Management

Performance Management Clearinghouse

Form for Submitting Information to the Performance Management Clearinghouse

OPM created this Performance Management Clearinghouse to help agencies share information about their programs, processes, and practices, both formal and informal, for planning, monitoring, developing, rating, and rewarding individual, team, and organizational performance. If you have a successful performance management practice that you would like to share with other Federal organizations, please complete and submit this form. Note: we intend to post with the submission the name and phone number of an appropriate contact, which means they may receive inquiries from other interested parties. We also plan to contact your agency's performance management program manager to clear the submission.

What type of program, process, or practice are you submitting?

What is the name of the organization using this program, process, or practice?

What is your name and how can we contact you?

Who does this program, process, or practice cover?

What is the title or name of the program, process, or practice?

What year was it started?

Why was it implemented?

Describe the program, process, or practice.

What are the results?

Have you evaluated its effectiveness?

What lessons have you learned?

Any other comments?