You need the following information to make your calculation:

To make the calculation, select one of the three categories showing when your benefits began and select the type of benefits you receive. Then select the "Continue" button.

We use Internal Revenue Service rules. For complete information on calculating any tax-free portion, for the rules we applied, and to find a complete explanation of how federal retirement benefits are taxed, see IRS Publication 721, Tax Guide to U.S. Civil Service Retirement Benefits available on the IRS web site.

If you are the surviving spouse of a disability retiree, and you do not know if your spouse would have been eligible for a regular retirement, see our Civil Service Retirement System or Federal Employees Retirement System publications in our Library for help.

We are unable to make the calculation if you retired and elected the Alternative Form of Annuity option, or are a Federal Employees Retirement System survivor and received the FERS Death Benefit.